electronica Medical Electronics Conference (eMEC)

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The information on this page is not about electronica 2022. Up to date information will be available here soon.

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The electronica Medical Electronics Conference took place digitally from November 9–10, 2020 as part of electronica virtual and was very popular. Many thanks to all participants!

We look forward to seeing you again in 2022.

Innovative medical technology is system relevant! This applies not only during a pandemic, but always. Because even beyond COVID-19, modern technologies and therapies are needed. Manufacturers, suppliers and users alike ensure that these reach the patient promptly.

And it is precisely this triumvirate that the electronica Medical Electronics Conference 2020 (eMEC) aims to cover. For the third time, the eMEC offers a platform for mutual exchange between the electronics industry and medical technology manufacturers - this year for the first time as a purely virtual event.

The eMEC 2020 not only demonstrates the potential of mobile and portable medical devices, but also the high demands that even the smallest sensor must meet. The central themes this year are therefore

  • Safety, Security & Regulatory (Monday, November 9, 2020)
  • Mobile Health Monitoring (Tuesday, November 10, 2020)

Target group
The target group of the electronica Medical Electronics Conference includes hardware and software developers, engineers, decision-makers, scientists and physicians, researchers and students who are involved in the development and application of medical electronics, as well as medical buyers and representatives of health insurance companies who want to learn about trends in medical electronics at first hand

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