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Last update: 16.01.2014
electronica 2014
Call for papers - present expert knowledge at the embedded platforms conference
The second embedded platforms conference is being held in conjunction with electronica 2014 in Munich on November 12 and 13. Leading manufacturers and independent experts will give participants an overview of the ecosystems of modern embedded platforms. Hardware and software experts will have a chance to participate by giving lectures. Topics can be submitted until March 14, 2014. go
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Electrical grounding hinge for switch gear cabinet doors
The new electrical grounding hinge (EGH) from Multi-Contact replaces the traditional hinge and the grounding strip and thus allows quick, simple and safe fitting and removal of the door. The ground connection is made automatically on fitting. There is no risk of forgetting to fit grounding strips or fitting them incorrectly. At the same time, the EMC properties are better than those in systems with a grounding strip. go
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Last update: 30.03.2014
Innovation surge - the world's most efficient LED lamp
An Osram research team has succeeded in constructing the most efficient LED lamp in the world. The lamp in tubular form consumes only half the power of currently common fluorescent and LED tubes, and also achieves significantly superior colour rendering. The record-breaking light source was developed by the central research department together with the optical semiconductor and lamp business units. "This research success represents yet another innovation push with LEDs and is based in particular upon our strategic position as integrated lighting experts," stated Peter Laier, Osram's Chief Technology Officer and executive board member responsible for the company's general illumination business. go
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Last update: 14.11.2012
Hewitt „European Sales Compensation Survey"
Sales incentive plans are not working
41% of European sales incentive plans are not working. But a relatively small number of companies actively making changes. go
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