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electronica.de Interdisciplinary exhibition themes
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electronica.de Automotive
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The range of exhibits at electronica covers the electronics industry's technologies, products and solutions in their entirety. The fair's systematic nature and structure ensure absolute transparency and clarity, which makes it easy for visitors to find the exhibitors they are looking for and to quickly identify their product/service profiles.

As of 2014, manufacturers of hybrid components will be integrated into electronica's exhibition portfolio - most of them in the sectors for PCBs and other circuit carriers and EMS Electronic manufacturing services.
  • Molded interconnect devices (MID/3D-MID)
  • Product development, preliminary products/Semifinished goods/Materials
  • Prototype production

"electronica turned out to be very successful for our company. The most important topic for us was electromobility – not only for automobile applications, but also for industrial applications."

Konrad Nikisch, Director of Marketing Communications, Tyco Electronics
Interdisciplinary exhibition themes top Top
  • Semiconductors
  • Embedded systems
  • Displays
  • Micro- and nanosystems
  • Sensors
  • Test and measurement
  • Electronic design (ED / EDA)
  • Passive components
  • Electromechanics / System periphery
  • Power supplies
  • PCBs and other circuit carriers
  • EMS Electronic manufacturing services
  • System components
  • Automotive
  • Wireless
  • Services
Focus: Application-oriented themes top Top
  • Automotive
  • Embedded solutions
  • Security
Automotive top Top
Excellent trade-fair concept with three strong pillars.
Companies that are represented at electronica automotive profit from the fair's unique three-pillar concept, which consists of the exhibition itself, the automotive Forum and the electronica automotive conference.

Automotive: A complete success
  • Strong presence in 2012: 1,596 companies had innovations for the automotive sector at electronica, including 478 exhibitors with products and services for electro-mobility.
  • Great appeal: 18,263 visitors, or 25 percent of all electronica visitors, at electronica automotive
  • High satisfaction: Met expectations, fair received outstanding ratings

electronica automotive conference: The universal gathering 

The communication and networking event in the automotive sector on Planet e. Perfect for the entire automotive industry: 
OEMs, component manufacturers, software developers, and for everyone who moves things in the automotive sector. 

  • Speakers from upper management
  • Some 300 participants from 18 countries in 2012
  • Highlight topics in 2014: Lighting, Sensor Fusion and Connectivity

automotive Forum: Launch pad for innovation

  • Perfect location: At the heart of the automotive exhibition sector
  • Topics that move the world: Innovations, from e-mobility to power electronics
  • Great appeal: Highly frequented, generates a great deal of attention
The electronica automotive themes
  • Power trains (engines and transmissions)
  • Chassis, steering
  • Brakes
  • Interior, comfort
  • Body, safety
  • Active safety
  • On-board power supply
  • Design and testing

 electronica automotive (1.49 MB)

Embedded solutions top Top
Focusing on key technologies and applications.
Embedded exhibition sector: A complete successThe themes of the exhibition, the range of forward-looking innovations, the tremendous response:electronica embedded at electronica demonstrates its unsurpassed importance to the entire industry. Next to the embedded forum additionally offering an outstanding innovation platform, the embedded platforms conference represents the communication forum for selecting future proof hardware and software platforms.

Embedded solutions: A complete success
  • Strong presence: 232 companies had embedded products and services
  • Great appeal: 21,916 visitors, or 30 percent of all visitors, visited electronica embedded
  • High satisfaction: Excellent ratings from exhibitors and visitors alike

embedded platforms conference: The universal gathering

  • Leading suppliers and independent experts give visitors an overview of and insights into the ecosystems of modern embedded platforms
  • Creates a sound foundation for selecting future embedded platforms and optimizing existing ones
  • Strong presence in 2012: 215 participants from 17 countries
  • Strong networking with the "Embedded" sector in Hall A6

embedded Forum: Built-in success

  • Perfect location: At the heart of the embedded exhibition sector
  • Pioneering topics: Innovative technology with market significance
  • Great appeal: Highly frequented, generates a great deal of attention
electronica embedded themes
  • Development tools, software
  • Development tools, hardware
  • Hardware
  • Peripheral systems
  • DDI and other network-technology components
  • Memories and memory peripherals
  • System solutions

  electronica embedded (1.18 MB)

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